Dear All

I made a strong play for D***head of the year recently by partially filling my 406 HDI diesel tank with petrol. I amplified my deservedness for the award by losing the "jiggler" siphon hose down the filler pipe with a section of (100 mph) tape attached at the rear end of the fuel extraction process (had to bodge an extension with garden hose & tape due to long filler pipe).

Siphoned tank & refilled with diesel. So far has run ok (400 km).


End result/questions are:
1) Most of the petrol/diesel blend extracted - This query is not re potential damage to high pressure pump issues - so far, so good...
2) Jiggler hose was typical cheapie (with transparent plastic hose - can hear it moving around in the fuel tank on corners - Does diesel potentially dissolve the stuff, & clog/destroy things down the line?
3) Flecks of the dissolving tape are visible in the filler tube. I hope that such stuff would be captured by the fuel filter pre-high pressure pump in the engine bay - but is this stuff likely to damage the low pressure lift pump in the fuel tank?
4) Is it a reasonable bet to make frequent fuel filter changes over the next few thousand k's in the hope of catching the likely contaminants?

The other option is to remove the pump/sensor unit under the rear seat & to remove the jiggler hose & (hopefully) other contaminants - but am disinclined to do so if there's a reasonable chance I can get around that - partly because of the stuffing around - but particularly Peugeot's brilliance in making the later model 406 having an access hole under the rear seat smaller than the pump cover rig.

Thanks in advance