405 srdt tow bar
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    Default 405 srdt tow bar

    Last week I bought another 405 srdt and wish to install the tow bar off the older car. When removing the bar from the old car I found 5 bolts that I could not locate the heads of. Four were in a row across the back above the bar and 1 was about 350mm along from the drivers side end toward the front.I cut the bolts with an angle grinder and removed the bar ..BUT.. where is the other end of these bolts. I removed the trim across the back inside the boot but could not see the solution. Does someone know the correct procedure for installing said tow bar?


    Thanks in advance..............Wayne

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    From recall the forward fitting points are threaded, so if you cut the heads off the ends maybe stuck in the threads? Try using a flexible mirror & light?
    Usually not much in the way, just a notch to cut for the tongue underside the bumper. Usually all bolt positions are predrilled, whether threaded or requiring nuts. I have never seen one requiring more than 5 bolts each side, 3 in each main plate plus two each end of the shafts which bolt onto the chassis. No idea what the extra bolt is for.

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    Hello Wayne,

    Put a bar on out 405 TD a year or so back and it had 2 bolts that went through behind the rear bar (rear bar had to come off to install) and 2 bolts that went through the rear chassis. Wasn't a big install only took a couple of hours.

    Good luck

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