Got the message "Engine Fault Requires Maintenance" and the engine symbol coming on last week (15/12) as we were planning to use the car for a 500km trip on the weekend. Took the car to my mechanic who downloaded the fault codes, cleaned the sensors and swapped the sensors front to rear. That seemed to clear things up but the opinion was that if they played up again, at least 1 new sensor would be needed.


50kms later the same message popped up again and I started to look at buying a new Sensor. Prices in AU ranged from $235 to $310 but nobody could get the part to me in Brisbane in time for the trip. It was Friday by now and I was a little concerned about making the trip in this car. I ordered 2 new sensors from UK, $290 total, delivered but not until 7th January.

As there had been no noticeable difference in the engine's performance, I decided to clean the sensors with electrical contact spray, swap them once again and be prepared to do that all over if needed on the trip.

Continued with the pop up message and the lit up symbol for 500 kms and yesterday the engine symbol turned off and the pop up message has not appeared again. Also, the new sensors ordered on 18/12 from UK arrived on 21/12.