307Hdi revs drop then surge ! Any ideas ?
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    Default 307Hdi revs drop then surge ! Any ideas ?

    My 307 is a Nov. 2006 "Oxygo " Wagon with the DW10BTE 100 KW Diesel and the 6 speed auto (series 2) with 130,000 on the clock.

    What happens randomly is when traveling at 100kph @ approx 2000rpm then revs drop back to approx idle,
    800 to 900 rpm for 5 to 10 seconds then return to previous revs, on cruise control or throttle.

    It can also happen at lower speed i.e 50 or 60kph. As it did today

    Local dealer, Coles at Lismore found no fault code and suggested fitting a new speed sensor as the first, least costly fix in the the process of elimination. Which I did last week. Punted it up the freeway to the Gold Coast, 3 hours return at 100/110 kph plus and no problems.


    This was suggested because their other fix is the more costly replacement of the doser valve in the air intake.

    Any thoughts ? My lingering thought is why did I sell my Xsi ?


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    You got good help. Some buggers would have replaced the speed sensor & sold you a gearbox.

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    Hi O'Flann - welcome to Aussie Frogs!

    Just to confirm that I've read your post right - you thought the new speed sensor had fixed the problem, but it's come back and now happens at lower speeds?

    Is your doser valve the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve? If so, they are certainly prone to clogging, but whether that is a good explanation of your current problem - .

    Might be worth changing fuel filter? Also, what about getting your fuel from a different source - maybe try Caltex Vortex diesel, if you can find a servo that sells it (not to be confused with Vortex 95/98 petrol ).



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