VERY NICE Mi16 4 Sale
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    VERY NICE Mi16 4 Sale

    I am not sure if the poor bugger who is selling their "heavily Worked" Mi16 through the trading post is a Frog but I do feel sorry for him. But that is what happens when you speed!!!


    Here is the info and link for a great looking car. 10/10 for the effort! If the link doesn't work-sorry, go to the tradingpost site - it is worth it!

    <a href=" e=1" target="_blank"> e=1</a>

    Peugeot 405 Mi16 1990 front wheel drive red sedan 1.9L 5 speed manual, 175000kms, full custom body kit, 18in 3 piece chrome rims, 2 1/2in stainless steel exhaust, Koni adjustable shocks front/rear, H and R springs lowered 40mm, heavy duty clutch, K and N filter, seats, roof and door trims all retrimmed in red/black leather with Peugeot embroidery on front seats, Momo accessories and checker plate floor panels, reluctant sale due to loss of license, spent over $38000 on car as is, personalised plates MY-405, $12000 SYDNEY 0415-58 5059

    Anyone want to lend me $12000?????????

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    Delete the message!!!!!!
    I've almost got the missus talked into it :p

    Alan S
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    it's a very nice car that was advertised for $24,000 a year has now been sold!
    it was the first 405 in Hot4s mag, only a tiny pic but he still beat me to it haha


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