G'Day All
I have a 2006 307 cc WHICH I need HELP with. I turn front fogs on with rotary switch in stalk forward then turn again forward and front fogs stay ON, same for rear by turning stalk rotary switch rearward and rearward again, they go ON and stay ON
Both the Instrument warning lights are lit.
I need to switch off car to turn off Foggies front and rear OFF, a bit inconvenient.

I've seen a wiring schematic (NOTE this is from 206, I could find 307 wiring), there seems to be a front foggy relay in engine fuse box which could only operate like flip/flop relay when you power the relay momentarily the relay switches contacts on then power it momentarily again the switch turns off BUT the rear Foggy appears to operate directly from Stalk switch


Can Anybody Point me in the right direction to look