307 noisy heater/aircon.
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    Default 307 noisy heater/aircon.

    Daughter has been complaining about her car being noisy. Description suggests it is likely the blower motor:
    noise varies with speed of fan, no difference if air-con on/off or heating.

    It seems a replacement fan motor is quite an easy job on these cars and the motor looks the same between 206 and 307 models, so likely to be available at a wreckers. My local wrecker charges about $25 for a motor.

    I haven't had an opportunity to check it myself yet, but should do soon.

    Is it worth trying to lubricate bearings, or once they start to get noisy do they remain that way?

    Do these motors tend to fail often? I am inclined to invest $25 and try a used motor but if they are a known failure point, might have to bite the bullet and buy new.


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    Since it's supposed to have a pollen filter, the noise shouldn't be from a leaf caught in the blower fan .

    If you don't know when the pollen filter was last changed, might be something you can do along with the fan motor! I have found (without exception) absolutely disgustingly blocked pollen filters in every 2nd hand french I've bought .



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    Agree with Alec re people selling cars with gross filters. However in a number of PSA vehicles the pollen filter (Filtre d'habitacle if you want to go multilingual on Youtube tutorials) is located between the blower fan and AC evaporator core. So you can get leaves in the fan.

    Don't think the 307 suffers in this way. Recirculation setting is usually noisier than fresh air, too.

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