205 Si Master Cylinder replacement/upgrade
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    Default 205 Si Master Cylinder replacement/upgrade

    Hi all,


    The master cylinder on my '91 205 Si is on the way out. Looking to replace at the moment, but I wouldn't mind upgrading at some point (bigger discs on the front, discs on the back, etc).

    After searching with few results, where would I best source a master cylinder from, besides fleabay?

    Additionally, is it possible to upgrade to a larger diameter master cylinder without needing to replace the brake booster as well, or is it an all-out-all-in job?

    (and lastly, I'd assume using an ABS m/c in a non-ABS car is a big no-no)

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    You can use a 306 MC and last I bought one it was from Sydney (EAI). Can't remember what details, but a run of the mill 306 model, nothing special. Plugs straight in. Just takes some patience to bleed the MC (or inventivity).

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