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    Default Help with Diagbox

    Hi all!

    I have bought and installed chinese Lexia with diagbox 7.76. Had some problems with install and updating so am currently on 7.57. Connected it to my car which is a 207cc from 2007. I could only find three choises of the 207? The choises were 207van, 207can and 207i? On the top right I could input my VIN but when I did that it wanted to go out on the internet but I heard you're not supposed to let it go out on the net!? How do I make it talk to my car?


    I have added a cruise controle stalk to the car and want to engage it in the computer but don't know how?

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    I am no expert in using diagbox, but I just disabled networking on the laptop that I use for diagbox/pp2000.
    It seems to try and go on the internet each time I start it, but times out and works fine.

    My diagbox picks up the VIN from the vehicle OK, but asks for the 'DAM' on my 206 and seems to accept any numbers - can't see why it is required as everything seems to work the same even when I enter different values.

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