So I'm trying to track down a couple of oil leaks on the 207 1.6 hdi. One was easy, the round seal on the engine breather pipe seems to be the culprit. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?

207 1.6 hdi. Gotta love them oil leaks, and other troubles.-20151018_181303.jpg

The second one not so obvious. At first I thought it was from the hoses that go in and out of the air doser, but on closer inspection it was actually from the holes where the air doser clips onto its mounting bracket.

Two of the three clips are broken (was like that when I bought it) so I sealed as best as I could with Threebond 1211. This worked for a few weeks but one of the 3 holes started leaking again. Now I've put a short bolt in there with some more 1211 which should take care of it.

207 1.6 hdi. Gotta love them oil leaks, and other troubles.-20151018_221310.jpg207 1.6 hdi. Gotta love them oil leaks, and other troubles.-20151018_221324.jpg

And finally, when I started fiddling with the air doser I noticed the dipstick tube was just flopping around. Turns out the bolt that holds it to the block had decided it was due for retirement and abandoned ship.
Now this bolt, as far as I can tell because I can't see clearly, looks like it goes into the block behind and under the exhaust manifold. Is there some trick to get to it without taking the front of the car off, or will I need a couple of days supply of amber liquid?