205 GTi Troubles
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    205 GTi Troubles

    Hi all im new around here, been reading for a long time but this is my first post.. did a serch and couldnt really find anything similar. Since i need my car running ok for work i need a fix to the prob soon!

    Well here goes.

    It basically is a really bad misfire/hesitation down low rpm or off the line.. it started last week by giving a miss here and there… nothing too bad.. but in the last day its just gone downhill.. To the polint where u try and accl off the line and it bogs right down and then all of a sudden all 4 pistons kick in and it goes.. what really confuses me is that at higher RPM (read above 3000 rpm) the car runs fine in every condition.. it accels fine, crusies fine and so on… but down low or say at lower speed I will neither accel or cruise without missing.


    I have checked leads and plugs. That’s all so far… im thinking its something electrical rather then fuel… due to the fact that if it were fuel it would be missing or leaning out at higher rpm not down low..

    So please let me know ur thoughts asap… I gotta fix this so I can drive it

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    It would pay to check the disy. cap and rotor button.Sounds like a crack somewhere.
    Ron 2_cents

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    I had a similar problem on a Renault 18. It would do 6500rpm in 3rd, but would not pull 60kph in 5th. After replacing everything, the coil was at fault.
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