Leaking Distributor- 205 gti
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    Default Leaking Distributor- 205 gti

    Hi Guys


    My distributor is leaking, I have changed the "O" ring for a genuine Peugeot part but fitting it the "O" ring was chewed away at. I have just used gasket sealant as an interim fix.

    Has anyone got any ideas as to how to get, or know of anyone who can get the distributor re-built.

    I have a series 3 Peugeot 205 gti (1992)

    TIA Jordan

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    Ive used these guys a bit through the years .. well respected . Give them a calll
    if you like and see what they say

    About us

    hope it helps

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    From your description it sounds as if the leak is around the mating base of the dizzy.

    I would suggest checking the casting in the head to make sure it doesn't have some scratch or ding or some sharp edge that will kill your o-rings.

    There is however another place where the dizzy leaks, but this time the oil comes out at the dizzy cap join to the body. The oil goes through the dizzy after it works its way up through the felt seal at the bottom. I doubt you can do anything about this leak after having tried to cure mine. You may not have this problem, but if you do you'll see the oil all over the top of the g'box near the engine block.

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