Saying Goodbye to my 405 SRDt
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    Default Saying Goodbye to my 405 SRDt

    I've got a 405SRDt that runs out of Reg on 8 October. But not really a place for it at home anymore. If anyone would be interested in it please contact me as it will go to the wreckers on the 7th.

    Basically it still goes quite well and looks ok but has issues. Back brakes need complete renewal to get it through rego. The head gasket is leaking (held in check with "Rislone liquid aluminium"). There are other minor issues. Has tow bar.

    Rego: ACI 25D (NSW)
    Colour: White
    kms: 344 0000
    Have owned for 10 years.
    Location: NSW Central Coast

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    Best of luck with it. I swapped an S2 405 SRDT wagon to fish for a 404 ute & he put Mi16 running gear in it!

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