505 rear shocks
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Thread: 505 rear shocks

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    Default 505 rear shocks

    I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but worth checking - can I use the rear shocks (some aftermarket ones that are quite firm) from my old 504 in a 505 STi? An attempt to cure some sloppy handling. The car is very sloppy at both ends and floats all over road and generally feels like an old Kingswood to drive, not at all like the well planted and secure Pug handling I'm used to. The front end has all new to newish bush/ball joints, and rear bushes look OK.


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    Gosh if it feels like a Kingswood then may you should get an expert to check out the whole rig.

    I'm sure the shocks you mentioned are interchangeable. But it seems you may need a total overhaul. Did'nt we recently talk about the sloppy rear end and I suggested that you check the rear cross member mounts and Ray Bell taked about checking the diff mounts. Was the advice useful, did you find any of the issues that we raised present?

    Cheers ...Nick

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