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    Icon13 u bunch of pansie's

    its a bit late, but that thread about puglys accident pissed me off. your a bunch of weasel's for critisicing pugly like that. the guy pulls out of a monster accident and all you guys do is bitch at him, like umm... bitches?
    what is this place about? Pugs. so why are ya's closing your eyes and ears when someone talks about a accident? cant face reality? the story is what happened and how, and perhaps theres people out there who can actually learn from his foolish antics. isnt that what this place is about?
    after hearing some of the responses to the poor bugger whos lucky to be on the forum, it makes me wonder what many of you guys do with your "awesome" cars. now im not saying put your cars in third and let the arse hang out down the road, but WHAT do you guys do? theres no more road cruises? why? theres no track days? no swap meets or anything? do yous put your pugs in the garage and wait for sunday to polish it up? occasional drives to the corner shop or something...
    when i found this place, i expected road cruises and track days. i guess yous cancelled them cos of a few idiots or sumfin, but surely there is a way of overcoming that, rules and regulations, banning whatever. there must be a proffesional way of conducting these fun events. the other day i seen a dozen nissan gti-r's crusing down the F3, and it made me say why the f*** cant we pugs do that.
    no wonder people dont know about our 205's as much as they do any shit box in this country. we have modern day classics and nobody knows a thing about em, thats the funny part.
    by the way im new to this place and i'll prolly end up getting kicked out or something? i dont care. at least i speak my mind and i enjoy my ride.


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    Welcome to aussiefrogs ...

    Another post like that, and we'll see to it you get banned in no-time. What is all this imflamatory crap here in the last 2weeks.

    We go for years as a nice helpful messageboard, and all of a sudden a heap of d!ckheads wan't to start fights about anything/anyone. Get a life ...

    Shane L.
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    Yay ... No Slugomatics

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    Giles (Pugly), Gem-205 (don't know u're name sorry) et all this stuff has gotta stop 2day.

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    as you are a fairly new member you are unaware of some of the underlying circumstances relating to some of the topics you have raised

    now then seeing as this is getting pretty close to the reason why i shut the other thread down in the first place the same applies

    lets keep this forum the way it has been for the last 4 years please and enjoy our frogs

    really do you want everyone knowing what a froggy car is and turn them into something common ???

    the 'rambo

    p.s Gem feel free to pm myself if you have any queries
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    If you would like to come to a track day, please feel free to turn up on Easter Monday to QR for a spanking: Queensland Raceway Trackday - 12/4/04

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