? Best oil for 330,000km plus 307 2.0 litre hdi diesel
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Thread: ? Best oil for 330,000km plus 307 2.0 litre hdi diesel

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    Default ? Best oil for 330,000km plus 307 2.0 litre hdi diesel

    Hi I have a 2004 Peugeot 307 66kw 2.0 litre turbo diesel. It has done just over 330,000km. I purchased the car in Sydney and drove it down to Melbourne. It is an awesome car great to drive superb economy. But their isn't any service history with it. What is the best diesel oil? And what do other owners use in their cars?


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    I use a good quality oil which suits both my petrol engined cars (Renault & Ford). It is one of the few oils which exactly matched the Renault spec of 15W-50 (quite unusual these days, but I prefer a heavier grade anyway). It claims to be better for high mileage engines, and suitable for both petrol and diesel. Semi-synthetic, reasonably priced, avail at normal auto shops.

    Shell Helix HX7 15W-50 High Mileage. API SN/CF, A3/B4.

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    If you ask what is recommended for that engine PEUGEOT say TOTAL 7000 5w-40 full synthetic with 20,000 klm changes
    I have a Citroen C5 with the same engine and also a couple of other cars whom I do services on and I USE PENRITE HPR DIESEL 5
    5w-40 which is a Semi Synthetic and change it every 10,000 kls it's cheaper to change a go oil regurally than use an expensive one and leave it to long (which in my opinion 20,000 is)
    AS for your car seeing you have done the large run to Melbourne if it used less than the allowable 1ltr / 10,000 ks I would just use the Penrite But don't forget the FILTERS ARE MORE IMPORTANT
    Happy Motoring
    Mark C.
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    My old T5 307 HDi after over 250K still ran fine...I used the Penrite Semi-Syn product with the 10k services....filter every time.
    Never an issue.

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    my 306 hdi has just ticked over 350,000k. I use shell ultra 5w-40.
    Car runs great and doesn't use any oil. (not since I fixed the leak anyway )

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