307 Throttle by Wire.
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    307 Throttle by Wire.

    Was relayed a concerning story the other day by a 307 driver. All new 307's have throttle by wire. Auto's are just as popular as manuals - but this has highlighted a potential safety flaw.

    Many people who "grow up" with autos only, are prone to left foot braking - which is not entirly recomended, but in a throttle by wire system if the engine detects a retarding force (normally a hill or something) it will open up the trottle for you. - this is not to be confused with cruise control.

    The story goes if you slightly left foot brake and don't lift the accelertor pedal the car tries to compensate and opens up the throttle - actually making you go faster (people describe it as a 'surge' as you are braking). A bit scary by all accounts.

    So are cars just getting too smart for their own good ?


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    Autos are actually outselling 52:48 in the 307 range.

    I can't say I've come across this behaviour before - I tried it once in a 206 1.6A and it didn't have that behaviour (and I suspected this engine had throttle by wire).

    I'm not entirely familiar with the throttle by wire programming, but certainly when you climb a hill, you do have to depress the throttle further. My understanding of the system is that it's mainly there to improve the engine's environmental performance.

    I find the system is a bit slow - when you lift off the throttle, you can actually hear what I believe to be the throttle butterfly closing up to half a second afterwards. Flooring the throttle, you also notice a delay - the faster the flooring, the slower the delay.

    The system has put me into trouble before though. I was turning left across a road, and once I started moving in the turn, the blasted "Anti Pollution Fault" came up on the MFD with the traditional beeps, etc. Floor the throttle, the car won't move much faster than walking pace. Finally stopped the car on the side, and the car's idle was bouncing up and down, finally turned the engine off in embarassment (with a bunch of friends onboard).

    Went to Regans the next day. Turns out the stupid system had imposed a 15km/h speed limit - it actually recorded it in the system.

    Where the hell is the logic in that!!! Had the traffic been a few seconds closer, the car would have been t boned.

    Tis times like that when you feel technology has invaded too much. At least Airbus fly by wire technology limits make sense!

    What is the moral of the story. If you hear a beeping sound, and "anti pollution fault" on the multi function display - brace yourself. Last time that happened to someone else, the airbags went off reversing down the driveway



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