Pinging now gone, Just Gloating about.
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    Pinging now gone, Just Gloating about.

    Oh, the god of the great Peugeot car has smiled on me today!!

    Went to start the car, wirrrrrrr......... poof!!!


    Chuggga, chugga poof...... *oh, $HIT*

    Runs on 2-3 cylinders, then I panic and stop the car. *oh, $HIT*

    Start the car, lots and I mean for a car that has never blown smoke (reco engine helps) lots of Smoke!

    Runs normally, idles perfect but smoke. *oh, $HIT*

    Then the smoke stops magically. So quietly drive to the servo for desperately needed fuel. Fill up and drive off, engine is VERY responsive. So I pluck up the courage to give it a boot full and wait for the smoke to pour out the back. Not a wisp...... head_ban

    All the way to 5100rpm in 3rd and not a ping or complaint in sight. Previous pinging issue (above 4000) magically fixed. Not a wisper besides that lovely engine growl from the now SHORTER exhaust (but thats another story )

    Please tell me I didn't break something important. But I assume that the previous issues were a fuel line or something problem. It took me hours to try everything to fix that problem.

    Don't care really, the *sik fake evo7 lancer* didn't stand a chance at the lights...... dance snail hahahahahaa!!!!

    Sorry, gloat about having a running perfect car is now over!!! But I had to tell someone!

    Jono wink
    1989 BX16Valve

    "Resting" 1983 505 STi

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    Fellow Frogger!
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    Sounds wild!!

    Nothing like driving your baby when she's running her best!!

    I had heaps of problems with mine, so i got all the wiring upgraded, and it made a really big difference.

    "Anything else is a Compromise!"

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    MM. Interesting. My bet would be either that an exhaust blockage has suddenly cleared itself, or an electronic fault has suddenly come good. The first solution might explain the smoke better though.


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    Good to hear it's cleared itself and is now running the way it's meant to run

    Mine would never go past 4500rpm before I took out my cooling fan which was stuck hard on. Now it revs beautifully and there's so much more power!

    Ever since my little bingle up in the hills, it also sounds "fully sik mate", probably to do with the tailpipe falling off...

    - Richard

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    Newcastle, NSW, Australia
    probably to do with the tailpipe falling off...
    Same for me, driving along Epping Rd in sydney (80 zone) while hearing a "tink, tink" sound as I go over each bump.

    So pull over into an indusrial estate, as I turn I hear a metallic rolling sound across the driveway, look in the mirrors to see the tip of my exhaust rolling across .......bugger whistle

    Broke off next to the weld going into the box, so no damage to the box itself, luckily.

    1989 BX16Valve

    "Resting" 1983 505 STi

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    Actually, my 306 has also stopped pinging at last. However, all I did was start using BP Ultimate instead of Optimax - problem instantly gone, and the car is running better generally!

    Should have tried it ages ago,


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    The exhaust on the Transit (cobbled together from a couple of systems after we moved the engine mounting position) recently took into its head to fall off every day or two. I turned out that by moving the engine forward, the hump to go over the rear axle was not over the axle any more. The axle was bumping the exhaust until it fell off. blush After splicing in a section of pipe to make it the right length it hasn't fallen off since. spanner
    Pugs Rule!

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