Mi16 skirt damage - how to repair?
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    Default Mi16 skirt damage - how to repair?


    My Mi16 has a hole in the skirt in front of the passenger rear wheel (about a 3 cm circle).


    My question is how do i fix it? It looks like it might need a plastic welder?

    All suggestions welcomed.
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    Hi Monty,

    I repaired something similar using Plastibond (from Hardware shop).

    If the hole has nothing much behind it you could resort to using a fibreglass repair kit to cover the hole from the inside to provide some rigidity and then use Plastibond or body filler to smooth over the "front" of the hole. If you have used auto body filler before the job should be easy. After the body filler comes filing and sanding back, priming (using plastic primer), spot puttying over small imperfections, wet sanding, primer/undercoat again and then finishing off with the original colour.

    Search the web for articles on the subject. Auto paint suppliers can provide some guidance and mix the colour paint into a pressurised aerosol container.

    Alternatively you could approach a plastic bumper repair business/person.

    Cheers .... Nick

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