continuation of best oil for xn engine
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    continuation of best oil for xn engine

    Hi guys, i must make one thing clear.
    What i write is only my opinion.
    Everyone has their opinions on oil, which is best, which is krap, and well my opinion is based on one thing and one thing only.
    Experience, 10 hours per day, 6 days per week for
    10 Years!!!
    I think i have only had 1 christmas off in the last ten years.
    That's why it's time to change jobs.
    I did one thing, that's look at oil!!
    bit of a weird job, but heaps of travel, and very very rewarding career.
    I should not have named the synthetic oil brand i hear the most complaints about, i was tired last night...
    Synthetics have been known to break down, well before the service is due. Now with BMW they won't admit it, neither will Mobil, too much litigation, no one will admit faults.
    I was only made aware because of phone calls i recieved enquiring about what oil to use in their BMW, quite a few calls actually, same with a couple of Honda s2000 owners, and owners of some other big transport which i won't name in case i get in trouble.
    You might have used synthetics for 10 years, maybe longer, they are great for high temp, and extreme racing conditions, but they change thier oil EVERY RACE!!!
    Mineral oil probably wont work as well, but the mineral oil is less likely to breakdown, before
    your next service interval for a PASSENGER CAR>
    Trust me i have seen heaps and heaps of upset people.
    Sorry my oil comes out as clean as it went in because i use really good oils i get through the trade, that are of better quality than the retail brands, they are a Parrifin based oil (a good oil is a Parifin oil.) This engine oil comes out ultra clean, my mechanic says "Why change it, it's perfect."
    If you oil is coming out brown, it is overheating, if it comes out black, then you have excessive fuel dispertion (Fuel in the oil). I think that's what it's called, lubes are my feild not really engine's
    If it is lumpy, or like treacle then your engine in really running hot. Another reason for black oil is also a build up of carbon in the motor that is slowly being dispersed by the oil, thus making it black, carbon is due to inferior oil at some stage of the motors life.
    So if your oil is coming out discoloured then look for a better oil. Other people may disagree, there may be other experts out there(there usually is when it comes to oil, everyones an expert..)
    another reason i am changing jobs,
    the amount of times somebody ignored my reccomendations and cost thier companies MILLION's
    oh well i'm looking forward to my new hopefully stress free career.
    PLEASE REMMEMBER, this is only my opinion, i have no "documents" to substantiate my claims but use what oil you will...

    "Anything else is a Compromise!"

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    Can you specify which oils have a paraffinic base?

    I know that Cadillac does, and I know that other resellers use the same stocks as they do, but I don't know who they are.

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