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    Default 307 2006 scan tool

    Hi all just got me a 307 1600 diesel to fix !!!! I am interested in buying a scan tool . As the beast has a few issues. Got a quote from the stealers and fell over . Where can you buy the fuel additive. where may I find a Manual ? A good manual .... think I have a blocked particulate filter , and problem with the fuel Additive . thanks to all here . It cant be that hard Can it !!!!


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    revue technique in french: http://teameboueur.free.fr/forum/Peugeot307.rar 75mb download this is a great manual but it's in french

    as for the lexia/pp2000 there was always a warning on ebay sellers for all 307s > 2004, have a look around on ebay for lexia/pp2000 and read/ask sellers for version that are compatible with your vehicle.

    $100 later you'll need a laptop with a windows OS and a good hour installing rubbish pirated software with readme's and how-to screenshots the two langauges that speak Hackz0r: cyrillic russian or pinyin chinese. That said it works perfectly.

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    +1 for the RTA manual. They are much better than the famous Haynes book-of-lies. translate.google.com can make a passable translation if you need it.

    Lexia software is only available from extremely non-official sources, as Lion5 mentions. PSA restricts official copies to the stealers. A nasty practice.

    Fuel additive (Eolys) is easiest from dealers, though there are other sources. It's cheaper o/seas, but it's prohibited to send it (dangerous goods).

    If you want to DIY clean the filter, look up Youtube, and take health precautions - you are dealing with cerium. Some trucking filter places may clean one for you. If it isn't too far gone you may be able to burn it out with a forced regeneration, using the Lexia. It can be a spectacular show, so do it outdoors.

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