The 504/505 performance tyre thread
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    Default The 504/505 performance tyre thread

    I have started this new thread since the other one we had going was lost.

    Yesterday I was at our local tyre service getting a puncture repaired and decided I would get a price for 539s for my 504. After was what discussed in the other thread I have pretty well decided on getting 195/65/15 instead of 205/60/15.

    Surprisingly, the 205/60/15s were cheaper: $132 compared to $136 for the 195/65/15s. These are the standard prices, read straight off the computer. I thought these prices sounded pretty good, any opinions on that?? When I bought 205/50/15 539s for my Mi16 they cost $169 each (from the same place).

    When I buy new tyres, I will get 539s again, unless someone can convince me of something better for the money.


    By the way I recently changed my tyre pressures from 35psi all round to 30 front, 35 rear. This definitely made an improvement, it has made the car less fidgety when pressing on around a corner.

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    G'Day John; I think that 205 size is fairly common on Falcons and Commodores isn't it? Might explain the price against 195's.

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