ESP/ASR deactivated + anti pollution error
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Thread: ESP/ASR deactivated + anti pollution error

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    Default ESP/ASR deactivated + anti pollution error

    Hi guys any help on this problem is much appreciated in advance!


    So my 406 coupe has thrown an engine light simultaneously with the ESP/ASR being deactivated (with light showing, button blinking) as well as anti pollution fault annoyingly lighting up the LCD. I had an exhaust put on 2 months ago and have not touched the cats that are measured (middle cats gone but has no bungs so don't think it's that?)

    Has anyone had this problem or know what it might be? I was thinking maybe O2 sensor/s?

    Thanks again!

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    Unfortunately there are plenty of different faults that can give this message, but I have just eliminated these very messages from my 406 (it's an SV D9, so I assume same motor etc. as you have), so will share what worked for me .

    The ESP/ABS being deactivated probably means cruise control is out as well? On later cars (307/407) this can be caused by a faulty brake switch (activated when you press brake). This was diagnosed as faulty in my 406 (serves me right for suggesting it to mechanic), but replacing it didn't get rid of errors for long...

    I also had a high idle. My 406 has a throttle cable, but it doesn't go to the throttle body - it terminates at a 'black box' . I removed, cleaned and replaced the electrical plug from this black box, and the idle speed came good, plus ABS/ESP error disappeared .

    However after a short drive, I had more errors - Antipollution Fault/Catalytic Converter Fault - and car lost power severely. All fixed by new spark plugs (I also fitted new coil packs to the back row while I had the manifold off) - the two plugs with cracked porcelain were a dead give-away . Before changing plugs, the car was fine when started, but computer obviously detected something outside normal parameters in resistance of spark plugs (or something) and apparently stopped firing suspect plugs, as power drop occurred after error messages started flashing.

    So if you can't attach a diagnostic device (Proxia with Peugeot Planet) and find a definite cause, try disconnecting & reconnecting every electrical connector you can find (including earths while you are at it), and if you are not sure of the status of plugs and coils, they will be a good place to start!


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    Mine throws random errors when the battery is on the way out?
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    Were factory exhaust parts used, or aftermarket ?

    Sounds like a cat misbehaving...


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