Hi everyone,

I created this thread to discuss about normal MAP sensor pressure for XU7JP4 (LFY) engine.


My car MAP reads about 320 - 330 millibars (mbar) @ idle (barometric pressure was about 873 mbar and outside temperature was about 15 degrees celsius).

I checked my friend's car (exactly the same car with the same engine) and it's MAP sensor reads about 310 - 320 mbar.

When i opened the throttle MAP reading went lower instead of going higher!!
According to what i read in most sites, by opening the throttle more air rushes into the manifold and the pressure should go higher! not lower!! I'm really confused!

I saw a video about MAP sensor in which someone tested a Ford with diagnostic tool and when he opened the throttle the pressure went up but in XU7JP4 engine it happened the exact opposite!

What is the normal pressure of XU7JP4 @ idle?

How can i interpret the values of MAP reading? What do they show exactly?