Hi, I mentioned previously that it appeared that ServiceBox doesn't present all of the information stored away in the PSA mothership and there is additional information that can be decoded if so inclined. It just so happens I've had some spare time on my hands and am inclined... or at least listing at a particular angle .


Anyhoo, I have dusted off the coding books and knocked up a website and webtool that allows you to obtain this additional information for the anoraks out there. There is still some minor decoding still to be done, but I decided I'd release it now and see what happens.

You might wonder what the 205gti.info website is about. Basically I envisaged it as a website to fill in some of the gaps in information that exists in some of the other excellent 205gti websites and specifically target the Australian GTi's. The VIN information is the first entry and I hope to add more content and happy to get assistance from anyone who is interested in populating the site.

I would be the first to say I am not an expert on any aspect of 205's, but I have the interest and time to publish any useful information that may be of value to anyone playing with 205s out there. As I say, am very happy to get other ppl involved.

The VIN tool near the bottom of the page is restricted to 205 GTi's, CTi's, Gentry's, Rallyes and our local Si's.

Unfortunately it appears PSA don't have information on S1 (Phase 1) 205's and doesn't recognise the 741C VINs.

Peugeot 205 VIN information