Have a 2005 407 Petrol Sedan - On starting the car it indicated my boot was open
- I checked, it was open and I couldn't shut it - also indicated my rear tail
light was out - it was stuck on - continued to drive home - about a km later a
burning smell filled the car - it turned out to be my boot lock motor (solenoid)
- I purchased a new boot lock ($80) from Peugeot and while there decided to have
it diagnosed - they advised me that I needed a new rear boot fuse box ($1090) as
there was a constant feed to the alternator in the boot lock and constant feed
to the light - I decided to purchased a working secondhand one - installed it
but same problem - new boot latch burnt out again and tail light still stuck on.
Have just had all the wiring checked in the boot and that's not the problem -
can anyone help - feel I am throwing money away !! Any advise please.