Replacing engine mounts on 206 GTi 180
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    Default Replacing engine mounts on 206 GTi 180

    Hi everyone,


    It looks one of my engine mounts is on the way out.

    Is it worth replacing both at the same time even though only one needs replacing?

    Do I look at replacing with genuine Peugeot or aftermarket?

    I remember researching prior to ownership that the engine mounts were a common issue on the 206.

    Any advice and approx costs involved would be a great help.

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    which one? Top mount and gearbox mount are very easy to replace and can be done without getting really dirty. The lower one needs a good few hours especially if its your first time, and would be a good time to check if you need to do anything else where removing drivers side drive shaft is necessary. Inspect the others, it should be easy to see if they are worn, have someone start the engine and look at it for movement, then rev it and look at how it moves.

    One worn engine mount can usually mean that others wear faster because they are taking up more load that wouldn't have otherwise existed. But it really depends on how long you've been driving with it worn etc.

    If you are doing the upper or gear mount you don't really need to plan on anything else, but the lower one you'd want to inspect all your driveshaft seals, and also the intermediate bearing. If your clutch is on its way out, i'd do that too

    i think engine mounts are a common issue to anyone that drives their car hard

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