2005 T5 307 XS 1.6 Manual Climate Control fan has stopped working.
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    Default 2005 T5 307 XS 1.6 Manual Climate Control fan has stopped working.

    Been doing quite a bit of searching regarding this problem but I'm not sure if my Pug has the separate resistor module or the module built into the blower. The European (UK) forums are thorough but I'm not sure which type my 307 has.

    In terms of symptoms, I've had the car for 8 months and it's been quite good. The reverse lights don't work (fuses ok, I sourced a switch from OS but for the life of me, can't reach the old one to remove) and the washer fluid pump doesn't work despite replacing it, fuses also ok. I was warned about T5's and dodgy electrics...Prior to the 307 I had a 306 XT for many years.

    Anyway, the climate control has been working fairly well until recently. Over the past few months it's developed a seemingly low speed whine which goes once fan speed is increased manually. Then, on warm days in Launceston (there is such a thing), the fan will blow hard for about 2-3 minutes and then stop for another 2 minutes before starting again.

    Yesterday, it wouldn't start at all. Fuse appears ok (40amp, fuse 18, engine bay).

    The weekend job is to pull the panels off and have a look. I suspect it's the resistor but was wondering which type, does anyone have experience with this issue?




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    If it's an AC car then it's probably a transistorised controller. Some have a dodgy relay to the blower fan, I've seen this in later Berlingos.

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