508 SW ECU Issues
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    Default 508 SW ECU Issues

    Hi All,

    Bought a new 508 wagon 2.0l Allure diesel last Sept and clocked 10000ks by Jan 15 and have been extremely happy with the car at all levels.

    Decided to get the first service done just pass the 10K mark as I may be working interstate by the time I get to 15K. Car went in at the dealers and collected the same afternoon. The same evening, I noticed than on my invoice the oil used for the car was Total Quartz 9000 10w40 which according to my owners manual is not authorised for this vehicle. I had specifically requested Total INEO C2 which is the ultimate oil type for the engine. Called the service centre the next day and they assured me that the correct oil was used on the vehicle and that the entry on the invoice was mistake administrative mistake.

    The invoice also indicates that there was an ECU fault code clear and upgrade to the latest version. Strangely enough within a day, the car no longer "felt" like my car did previously and sounded more clunky and very lazy in acceleration. Gears changes fell very different later changes and more rpm. Even the braking power and feel is terrible as the car dives forward under brakes and the pedal is all mussy with lots of travel. Very annoying at sudden traffic lights change.

    Very concerned at this stage that the wrong oil had been used and contacted the dealer service again. They assured me that the correct oil was used. Without making a big deal I did explain that the vehicle is not driving like it did prior and they agreed to have a look at the car. Took the car back in (thanks for loan cars) and the service advisor took the car for a drive with me. Nothing wrong here but we'll have a look... later that day, phone from the service advisor with an apology explaining that their lead diagnostic tech after taking the car for a drive did agree that there was something wrong and that the will need the vehicle for three days to totally restore the ECU to factory state as the upgrade did not go well. To make matters worst, they advised that they didn't have a loan car available for three consecutive days until early March. Not happy and not willing to drive the car for another three weeks (I do about 100ks a day in metropolitan traffic) and asked the dealer to move this forward to next week and will rent a car for three days (Corolla yay)


    At a lost to understand what happen. Took my car in for an early service with 100% satisfaction with the 508 and my decision to buy one. Got the car back and it's no longer the car that I had.... the hesitation and lack of throttle response on the pedal is almost scary and even dangerous i think.

    Anyone had the same sort of thing happen. Cheers

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    I'm far from the expert but I do own a 2011 508 SW. The delay in acceleration seems typical for this model when in the normal drive mode and can be quite scary even dangerous when trying to get onto a busy roundabout for example. What I've ended up doing is putting it into 'S' mode as I approach a roundabout or when I know I'll want quick response in traffic. The gearing tightens up and there's no acceleration delay. Maybe yours was stuck in this mode prior to the ECU reload?

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