Hi guys, Im Andrew. Just bought a 306 cabiro which is my first French car although my dad has had half a dozen Peugeots and currently drives a Scenic. Usually i play with RWD Japanese stuff so this is a big change for me.
The car is an '01 auto and i bought it in QLD for cheap with a BHG, and promptly drove it home to Melbourne. The car is a bit rough around the edges but should scrub up OK with a bit of work. My plan is to keep it pretty much standard, as I have a bad habit of getting carried away modifying cars. This is supposed to be the stock daily driver to just cruise around in (famous last words?)

Immediate plans are to service the AL4, oil/filters/plugs, reco/replace the dodgy starter, restitch around the rear window (maybe replace?), and generally tidy it up for rego/rwc. Interior could use some stitching here and there, plus a good leather conditioning and the bonnet needs paint but these can wait.
I also need to adjust the roof as it gets stuck coming back up.


The lady I bought it off used some chemiweld type product, it now holds temp and doesnt use water. There is still a missfire for the first 5-10 seconds when cold but otherwise there are no head gasket symptoms. I drove 1200km in 12 hours on a 35+ degree day and it didnt get over 80 on the freeway or over 100 in traffic, nor use any water. Im quite impressed.
Haven't decided whether to reco the head or just replace the motor yet...

Driving wise i am still getting used to it. It's good fun with the top down but there is bugger all torque and it has that lovely 4 cylinder "buzz" at speed. Lack of RWD LSD fun is also quite... boring... for me and i still haven't got the knack of cornering it fast. It is severely under-braked IMO although i am coming from 300mm/4piston fronts but these dont inspire any confidence at all.

Seems you guys like your hot NA motors, so here's a link to the engine im building for my MX83 Toyota Cressida. Its an NA 3lt I6, 24v. Im shooting for 9000rpm and lightning throttle response. 14:1CR, sequential LPG injection, ITBs, large camshafts, CNC ported head, forged/studded everything, significant oil system mods etc etc. I also machined up some billet cam covers just for the hell of it.
High compression high RPM 7M-GE build
This is what happened to the last daily driver that needed engine work, so the little pug better behave itself!!

Anyway, here's a flattering pic from somewhere on the drive home. It's not that clean in the flesh unfortunately...