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    Default 205 electrique

    Peugeot 205 électrique: 100km/h et 140km d?autonomie pour ce youngtimer électrifié - TechVehi

    Google Translate:

    Peugeot 205 electric: 100kph and 140km range for this youngtimer with electrons

    Here is a rare document that comes from the PSA’s “Research and Scientific Affairs Office”. Did you know that before developing the 106 Electric, technology demonstrators based on the legendary 205 had been tested? Flasback on this car and its performance!


    Presented as a urban and suburban vehicle, the electric 205 received at the time Nickel-Iron batteries (provided bySAFT!) announcing a double range compared to lead technology. Twelve 6V batteries weighing 300kg were installed on the front of the car for a capacity of 230Ah and a recharge on 16Ampères announced in 10 hours.

    Its electric motor developing 8kW in continuous (17.5 peak) already offered regenerative braking, turning into a generator during deceleration phases, and also a brake pedal distributing the braking demand between the electric motor and mechanical braking "in the second portion of the pedal’s stroke"! An innovation that is only found today in series in the Renault Zoé, (test to be published soon...), not bad for a vehicle born almost 10 years ago!

    Its weight remained as low as 850kg, while keeping a 5 seating capacity and a trunk! This electric 205 could reach a maximum speed of 100kph and offered a 140km range in urban conditions, 200km at 40kph and 140km at 70kph at steady speeds!

    In summary the 205 electric would still be an interesting vehicle, even if it came out today!
    And just in case, do not rush on eBay because only very few prototypes have ever been created

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    Would be even better with today's battery technology.

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    It will happen. When the technology becomes cheap enough that it makes commercial sense to retail, we'll have the kit off the shelf. Looking forward to it.

    As far as I can see however, the first stage is going to be a transition to hybrids. Looking forward to see the first prius donk/system dropped in a 205.

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