Some months ago I posted a thread following washing the engine bay, (What did I do?) - I can't find it. Anyway, I tried a number of initial fixes including removing water from the plug wells, replacing the coil pack and plugs, crank angle sensor, cleaning all the terminals I coud get my hands on, and Ben also came around to test the electricals.


I was starting to think it might be the ECU, which didn't seem to have got very wet, and had plenty of time to dry out, and the housing has a good drain. So for some time I didn't think think about replacing it.

EBay UK had some for sale, and some sellers were inferring that they had to be coded to the immobiliser or something. Anyway two weeks ago, I took the plunge and ordered one with the matching part No to mine and it arrived today. Plugged it in and the car fired up immediately. My $310.00 306 lives again.

Message is - the ECU is not coded to the immobilser (if the car has one).