205 Auto box making some worrying noise.
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    Default 205 Auto box making some worrying noise.

    Alright, the wifes 205 (zf auto) is starting to make some noise.

    It shifts fine up and down gears. No problems there. (Actually lost a little oil, driveshafts seals need renewing)

    On load (driving forward) there is a noise/heavy vibration thats coming from sounds like the flywheel area (probably has a torque converter). It follows engine speed. Usually goes away once cruising (part throttle).


    It sounds like the spinning object is hitting/knocking something metallic. (Almost like its swallowed that starter!)

    Initially started a few weeks ago as what sounded like the exhaust fouling on the crossmember from old saggy engine mounts. Ive got a set on the way. But it has continued into a solid knock now.

    Ive very little time to look at it right now. Is there someone in Sydney who knows these gearboxes?

    Any ideas?

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    I'd suggest Dantrans in Bankstown.

    Quite possibly the torque converter lockup clutch linings coming apart. Get it diagnosed sooner than later, if this is the fault you will rapidly kill it with continued use.

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