The general theory of high-mileage Pugs
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    Default The general theory of high-mileage Pugs

    "Which gets me to my General Theory of High Mileage Peugeots. Beware the low mileage Peugeot with all the repair receipts. The best used Peugeots I ever owned, though admittedly toward the end of their useful lives, were the highest mileage examples to be found. It they stuck around long enough to rack up 200K+ miles, you know that it was a good one, properly built-broken in- and well enough cared for. Iíve had 3 of the 504/604 family like that. 330K on the í78 504D wagon, 225K on the 604 V6, 559K on the 604TD. They were rough and reliable!"

    Curbside Classic: 1976 Peugeot 504 ? One Continent?s French Mercedes And COTY Is Another Continent?s Most Rugged Vehicle Is Another Continent?s POS


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    This would be true of any car, would it not?

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    I agree - to a point. One problem with low milage cars is that they may be low mileage because they've been driven a short distance to and from the shops etc umpteen times a week and then been garaged. You could end up buying a car that looks great but things like the clutch, engine, brakes etc are showing signs of wear and tear. A car with a high mileage may well be a better option but not necessarily. It just depends on how well it's been looked after.

    When buying an old car, a careful read through of the service records is a very good idea. Take particular note of how regularly it's been serviced, how comprehensively it's been serviced, and if items that the mechanic has recommended be attended to - actually have been fixed. Sometimes people don't want to spend money on things that aren't an immediate problem, but will be in the near future - because they are planning to sell the car in the near future. A roadworthy certificate is just that. That at the time of the check, it was roadworthy. Not that 6 months or so down the track something will need replacing.

    Keep in mind that the service records may not be all inclusive. The car may not have missed a service, rather, that receipt has been removed by the owner because it says something they don't want you to know. Also, the car might've had a bingle but those receipts aren't there.

    The other thing is that just because it's done a high mileage it doesn't mean that it's been well maintained - or maintained at all. My late father had a 403 station wagon that did a very high mileage but it was NEVER serviced. Although it depends on whether one classifies topping up the oil, water, air, and petrol as servicing.

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