Water in fuel 3008?
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    Default Water in fuel 3008?

    Was driving down from melbourne to sydney and refuelling at the Gundagai service station. Whilst filling up was caught in a freak thunderstorm with the rain coming down horizontally. Before I could close the fuel cap some water could have entered the fuel tank. Is there anything I need to do? Does the 3008 have a water trap?


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    2.0 HDI motors have a water trap in the space under the fuel filter cartridge. Water in the tank will eventually get there, but not necessarily straight away.

    You can drain any water by opening the screw on the bottom of the filter holder. It drains into a plastic tube from the back of the filter case, down past the oil filter, towards the under-engine tray. You might have to look hard for it. Put a glass jar under (a) because it's messy (b) so you can see what's in the jar. There's rubber bulb pump if you need to force things.

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