Great PUG movie
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Thread: Great PUG movie

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    Great PUG movie

    My friend gets a lot of pirated DVD's from OS. He had one yesterday called either "3 Taxi" or "Taxi Marseille". its a french flick about this crazy french taxi driver who has this suped up 406 that has all the gizmo's under the sun. You guys would love it!! Its a pretty B grade movie, but there are all sorts of Pug chases, (all the cars in this movie are basically pugs - the cops, the bad guys & the good guys! - 206's, 307's etc etc)
    Try and check it out!

    1993 Peugeot 405 Mi 16 S2

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    I've already got the DVD's for both Taxi and Taxi 2 wink

    Someone is offering to buy them in London for AF members in the General Chit Chat at the moment


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