Has anyone modified a air filter/box system for a 505 diesel. I am having problems getting my wagon to run well. There is most likely other issues but I think I need to sort out issues with the air filter arrangement then progress to other areas.


At the moment I just have a pod type filter and the engine is really boomy from it. Also connected is a separate filter up to the breather at the end of a hose in which it also has a hose connected that draws down to the air intake near the turbo.(This was how the car I pulled the engine from was set up. The filter just gets clogged with engine oil, then the engine spurts oil from everywhere leaking from the sump, front and rear seals as its not breathing.

I have been trying to work out how an original set up worked. Does it need this hose down to the air intake joining the breather hose to the filter? was this original just exposed to air (through air box) and also did the vacuum pump connect into the air box as well?

Has anyone retrofitted another air box from another car? its pretty tight in there and I haven't found any box that remotely fit.

Any info and help would be awesome help. Anyone around the central Vic or Melbourne that really knows these engines well that would be willing to have a look with me? I could bring the car to you. Its driving but is gutless down low, struggling too pull up hills without revs. not like a diesel should drive. I have just had the injectors and injector pump reconditioned and still needing a bit of work to get the timing right however it is at a point that it blows black under hard acceleration and revs well and performs well at idle just not under load. So it cant be too far out. I think I have it a little too advanced but not much. Had it running well when I adjusted the fuel screw but way too much smoke. Now still blowing too much for road use but gutless all the same. Even with waste gate disconnected.

Anyhow any thoughts on how I should set up the air intake system?

Thanks in advance