406 2003 Coupe V6 Remote Locking
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    Default 406 2003 Coupe V6 Remote Locking

    Hi, I did something(?) and the remote no longer works. Checked out internet and everybody on the planet has a theory on resetting the 406 remote system. I have tried some and now wonder if anyone actually does know or has had experience of the fix! No its not the key, battery etc. Just something I did whilst sitting in the car and turning the ignition and/or accidentally pushing the remote on the key. Manual locking works fine but I want my remote back. If I turn the key clockwise in drivers door the indicators flicker; if I turn anti clockwise the car locks manually but nothing at all happens when pushing remote buttons on the key. Can someone please provide an answer based on actual knowledge and experience? Thanks.


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    From the 2001 406 2 l Manual owners manual:

    "Programming the remote Control:
    - press button A (the round one on one side of the key) until indicator light B (the light alongside A) stops flashing.
    - release the button, the indicator light is lit continuously.
    - press A twice near to the vehicle.
    - switch on the ignition for at least 3 seconds.
    - switch off the ignition.
    The remote control is operational again"

    I hope this helps!

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