Hi All! I'm looking for some help with an issue that is now driving me crazy. My 2007, 207 GTI intermittently loses engine power, while at the same time, it's power steering gets a little heavier.


Intermittently the engine power reduces by about 20-30% and also appears to audibly run rougher
Intermittently the steering gets heavier

All the listed issues occur at the same time, as if they're all linked to one another. The symptoms can also occur whether its a hot or cold day. And most times after restarting the car or going for a long country (not city) drive, it appears to run well again.

Driving Style

I generally like accelerating quickly, but I don't floor it.
I maintain the speed limit and like using my cruise control excessively.

About the car

The car is still 100% standard from the factory.
Timimg Chain has already been replaced and all software updates have been applied.

Peugeot Dealerships have tested the car for a full day and said, there are no codes in the computer and everything appears to be running normally.

As the EPS is also affected, it suggests to me that it might be an electrical issue.

Does anyone know where I could begin to look for the answer, or better yet, does anyone know the answer?


Thanks in Advance