My first day with the 308cc!
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Thread: My first day with the 308cc!

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    Default My first day with the 308cc!

    I am now the proud owner of a 2009 308 cc 2 ltr TDI with 55000km on the clock!
    I picked the motor up this morning and have spent all day in it with the roof down enjoying what was a sunny spring day here in Melbourne.
    A 2010 1.6 petrol 308 cc with 88000km on the clock came on the market this morning and nearly caused me to do a last minute change but I decided to stick with the TDI version.
    The petrol version was in a dealers and they were going to replace the 4 speed gear box before selling it on.
    That news more or less sealed the deal in favour of the diesel.
    Good choice or not?

    Points noted about the car ...... The car was serviced by the dealer before I picked it up and after doing a final test drive I checked the oil. To my surprise, it was black and I took this up with the garage. I then found out that this is normal and oil turns this colour very quickly (confirmed later by an internet search). I live and learn in this new world of diesels!
    The only other observation was that the passenger front seat sometimes took a bit of too and throwing about to lock in a new position. Not a major problem and if anyone has experience of this I'd be glad to hear from them.


    Day one gone and I love my pug!
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    My understanding is that diesel oils contain high levels of detergents to keep particles in suspension due to the fuel burning more 'dirty' than petrol, so I guess that would explain the black oil. Otherwise it would stay in the engine and build up.

    2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTi

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