205 disc upgrade and 15" wheels
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    Default 205 disc upgrade and 15" wheels

    So i just quickly tried everything out together on the floor. It seems that the caliper bracket scrapes right on the inner edge of the rim wheel and hits the wheel balancing stickers, and I think if pads were brand new, it'd scrape on the pepperpot insignia as it rubs against it from gravity, but that one I can't say for sure as I dont know how far the caliper sticks out.

    So i'm pretty bummed, the calipers were taken off an old Berlingo on an Si hub - I think also when I tried my wheel on Cams car it also just scraped the edge. But others have mentioned theirs working, if I'm desperate I could pull off my 206 calipers and give them a shot...

    So my options now I think are

    If I go the 15" route - sell my two sets of 14" wheels, and I'm not sure yet what extra stuff I need to do with 15s if I put them in, especially with the rear end. How much extra weight are typical 15s?

    Or... try other calipers and see if they'll fit...


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    I have heard of people just pulling out the trusty grinder and taking the edge off the calipers so they clear the wheels.

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