Peugeot 309 1.9d Driveshaft problem
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    Peugeot 309 1.9d Driveshaft problem

    I get a clunking sound when I turn right. You would think cv joint. I have now replaced the driveshaft three times. The clunking disappears for a day or so. I have also replaced RH wheel bearing, RH track control arm (bottom joint) front struts and mountings. The car has never been in an accident - the front end is not bent or deformed - it does not excessively wear tyres. Can anybody tell me why my car appears to be destroying CV joints rapidly. Or is it another problem?...


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    I don't know much about 30x series peugeot suspension, Majca, but some FWD Citroens can exhibit similar symptoms when they have problems with front anti roll bar bushes.


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    I have a 309 SR and throughout it's whole life there has been a vibration/knocking noise when you turn.I find it fine, but at low speed you can notice it I guess. The previous owner has replaced pretty much everything and the Cvs are fine blah blah it just can't be fixed but it's not doing any damage so I guess it's just a design fault. The service reports say there is no reason for it to be happening so I just live with it.

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