the rear part of my 89 205 GTi exhaust is on the way out and looking at replacing the rear muffler at least. The previous owner had the centre resonator replaced with a 15" 'Superdog' and the overall noise level in the cabin is fine without any noticeable drone at hwy speeds. I'm keen to keep the car relatively stock and doing some mechanical improvements where required and not give Mr. Drone a look in.

I'm looking at doing the Si head conversion with a possible cam upgrade in the future to bring the BHP back up to Euro spec and a bit more. I will probably be looking at a cat replacement around that time as well.

Based on previous threads, the view seemed to be high BHP 16v conversions benefited from 2.25" systems and high BHP 8v from 2" systems, give or take... and using an 18" resonator and triple-flow rear muffler. Obviously Peugeot determined that a 1.75" system was good for 130BHP.

So my question is, based on a 130-140 BHP upgrade, should I stick with the 1.75" plumbing or look at moving to 2" now, at least for the rear section... I'm not wanting to replace all of the system atm.


Also any specific recommendations for rear mufflers other than the 'triple-flow' requirement.