want a 203 ute?
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Thread: want a 203 ute?

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    Default want a 203 ute?

    Whirlyman can I respectfully suggest you are luckier than you think, with a 403 to 'rebirth', and while i understand how you feel ...

    This is the only one i have ever seen in the metal (such as there is); it was about to be picked up in Kyneton more than 20 years ago, and no, i haven't the foggiest where it was going.

    Point being: making yourself one may well be far easier than restoring what is going to turn up nowadays.
    It seems to be the done thing in France; admittedly, zero stylesides/Australiens and a lot more panel-vans thereabouts.
    For experience, at least, that 403 may come in handy yet.


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