Advice on selling used Peugeot 206 - registered/unregistered/wrecker?
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    Default Advice on selling used Peugeot 206 - registered/unregistered/wrecker?


    I have a 2005 Peugeot 206 which I bought a couple of years ago and it's been a great car but at the beginning of this year I got a company car and I need some advice on what to do with the Peugeot.

    When I got the company car I was good initially at still driving the Peugeot weekly to keep the battery going but then I broke the only key and so haven't been able to drive it. I now need to get a new key, a new battery and four new tires which I would be happy to do if I thought I could sell it but I tried to sell It about a two years ago when I was thinking of moving interstate and only one person even came to look at it. I would have to get the car towed to get the battery replaced and towed to get the key done and then get the tires so I'm looking at quite a lot of money and I only think I could sell it for a couple of thousand.

    The car's body, interior and engine are all good but the speedo had started losing accuracy not long before I got the company car and that would also have to be fixed and a new radiator hose if I wanted to sell the car registered.

    The other option is to sell to a wrecker which I don't want to do because it's been a good car and just needs some work but maybe this would be the simplest option.

    Otherwise, would it be worth trying to sell it 'as is' to someone who wanted a project???

    Any suggestions/ideas appreciated.



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    Check what your car is worth in good condition on Car Sales Qld. I'd take 25% off the quoted prices on CarSales to arrive at a realistic figure. If you can do better that will be a bonus.

    Then take generous guess at what it will cost you to bring it up to condition that make it competitive with the above.

    I'm tipping, that you may be better off selling as a non goer rather that spending more money on a car that is heading for 10 years old and definitely needs money spending on it.

    If you decide to scrap the car wreckers will give you scrap metal value - check the wreckers price - but you may be better putting it on ebay. You may even get an offer from an AFer.

    You need to balance risk of spending money and not selling profitably versus the convenience of having someone "take it off your hands" at a fair price. The big question is what's fair to you and fair to the buyer.

    With an immobile 9 year old car of any description you can't really expect to sell at very good price.

    Sorry for the negative perspective. I still wish you the best of luck in selling your car.

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    OK; as is, where is it's probably a $200-$400 proposition, assuming a four door 206 in average condition with steel wheels. Many of the "Cash for Cars" types will try to load your car on their truck, then haggle you down.

    If you shop around, a non-remote key should cost about $125 with programming to the car from a forum member with Lexia (offer a slab or bottle as payment), four roadworthy tyres $200 fitted and balanced, a new battery $130. Then add maybe $95 to get it detailed beautifully, plus a permit to drive there and back. So, towards $500 in total with a used radiator hose as described; will it mean the car then sells for $1000? Probably not, I'd suggest most people who might consider a cheap small car expect at least six months' registration.

    This is a real shame in so many ways, it's just the situation of used cars in Australia, where we are spoilt for choice and value.

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