wobbly fan on a 79 504 GL
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    Default wobbly fan on a 79 504 GL

    About 2 years ago my car (1979 504 GL) started to make weird noises, and when i investigated it turned out to be a wobbly fan, caused by a mangled water pump which i then replaced.

    just the other day my car started to make those same noises, and i checked the fan and it is wobbly.. so im thinking it might be the pump again..

    does anyone have any idea why this might be the case? is it common to have to replace the water pump 2 years after it has been replaced? could my fan belt be too tight?


    im happy to pull out the pump and put a new one in, but i thought it'd be a good idea to see if there is some underlying problem that is causing it to play up..


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    The belt is too tight.

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    As Daffyduck said, check the fan belt tightness. From memory you should have about a finger thickness deflection on the longer section between pulleys.

    If this is the case it's probably caused by overtension on the pump bearings.

    Some of the water pumps available these days aren't as robust as they were when the car was new, you get what you pay for.

    I have quite a number of second hand water pumps, but would prefer to use a new one if I need to.
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    Hang on a tic....isn't there a bearing in the hub, which is mounted outside the water pump ? The fan is mounted on THAT, isn't it ?
    Wobble it by hand and see if it's the shaft coming out of the pump which is moving..

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