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    Default 206

    Had this on the Renault section
    "Off topic but my wife went out to look at another car (drunk cleaned her up and wrote the Corolla off) I picked out 2 Corollas and an Astra to look at....she came home with a Pug 206, my question is, should I file for a divorce or buy her a bunch of flowers?"
    What a lovely little car it is. (Or seems to be)


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    Default 206

    In the Renault section? That would freak some of them out!!!
    Great car. My niece has a 206GTI with reasonably high ks now which she bought new, and loves the car (as does one of my work colleagues).
    If the car is an auto, it will need to be treated with respect (AL4 issue), and have the fluids changed regularly.
    My nieces car had most of the suspension links replaced recently and probably some other bushes, and it's gone back to what it was when new.
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