Day 1. My 'NEW' 306 GTI-6 and the Quick VIC - NSW Dash!
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Thread: Day 1. My 'NEW' 306 GTI-6 and the Quick VIC - NSW Dash!

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    Default Day 1. My 'NEW' 306 GTI-6 and the Quick VIC - NSW Dash!

    As I said I would, here's the review of the drive from Melbourne to Sydney TODAY in my 'mint' 99 Alpine White GTi6.

    Landed in Melbourne at 7.30 to be greeted at 8am by Andrew, manned with a set of keys and a complimentary Latte. One look at the car and I immediately felt mildly weak at the knees, with my first thought that its too good to drive home! When Andrew opened the door to take her to the drop off point, I felt the same about the interior - there is NOT ONE mark on, or in this car, and its 15 years old (oh yeah, and Andrew said he'd not detailed it, and had not cleaned under the hood either...!)

    Aside from the ODO and matching paperwork, there is NO EVIDENCE this car has got 142,000klms on the clock, and I must say, Andrew's description of it was very accurate. The only 'damage' is about 6 tiny stone chips, as it should have for its 15 year age.

    After pulling out onto the Ring Road, with some nerves (never driven in Vic before and not keen on being killed in an VIC intersection - ok that's the VIC bash done!) I was off. Initial impressions were ones of mild trepidation and anxiousness. I was sitting in a higher and more forward position than my beloved 406, but this was supposed to be a real rocket ship right? Ten minutes later I stopped at a fuel station for a mental debrief (and to grab a packet of snakes for the trip). I won't go into the bit about not knowing what, or where the gears were, and the panic that set in when I thought it was in 'R' instead of 4th, but suffice to say it worked out ok. From inside the shop, I was surprised by just how perfect the car looks, and what a perfect match it is in Alpine White with dark tinted windows. Oh so much prettier and smarter looking than the silly looking Ford hatch parked beside it with turbo plastered all up the side and ridiculously huge wheels with what looked like 4 exhaust pipes!

    On the open road, once fully adjusted and comfortable with CD's working and all the controls where they needed to be, I quickly realised that this car is everything and more than I expected. I drove one around the block when they were new, but was years away from being able to afford one. I've had a 20,000klm 94 205GTI, immaculate 1980 504 GL, and the 406 as well as a Clio Cup, and a very brief o-ship of a 505 Wagon, but nothing ever like this. I even had two 911's, and whilst ballistically fast, they just don't hold the road anything like a well setup Pug.


    Once I realised that it was OK to do a little more with the car, and that I truly was all alone I opened her up for a few hundred klms. Between Albury and Wagga was what really made me realise what a brilliant open road tool this is - I mean BRILLIANT. I had a chap in a VW Scirocco tease me, only to realise that at 4250 in 6th, this car is certainly one not to messed with, and can and does see off cars 20 years its junior. The sound, traction, cornering, seating position, total rigidity, vision and throttle response are all perfect. I really think the GTi6 was (and still is) a very much overlooked car, and I still can't believe I have a perfect example in my drive! I was only thinking of what car i'd prefer to have than this right now, and nothing at all came to mind. I was completely in the zone, and loving every second of today's drive. Interesting too, that other enthusiasts on the road appeared to know what the 6 was, in spite of the fact that my car, as a phase three only sports a tiny 'gti' script on the doors to show off its hidden talents.

    Compared to the 406, this is a really feisty tool, that is properly fast point to point and genuinely bordering on aggressive - despite its cute and cuddly looks. The 406 is a treat, but not this kind of car at all, it covers miles and miles effortlessly, but the GTI6 just seems to chomp them up and spit them straight back out by comparison. This little car is an extremely effective tool to cover vast distances, very quickly, and in a great deal of comfort. Steering is razor sharp (I even used the work telepathic today to myself), its very nimble on the throttle at ANY revs, and the term 'agile' only goes part way to explain how well this car handles in quick lane changes, or full on cornering. Induction sound is spot on without being intrusive or overbearing, as is exhaust burble on over-run. This car wears near new Michelin Pilot tyres and in the torrential rain from Goulburn they were terrifically confidence inspiring (note to myself .... never EVER use anything but the best Michelins on a Pug).

    Ok, the negatives of this car to show i'm not completely biased; 1) There are 6 stone chips that I will fix with a touch up pen (maybe its only three.. not sure), 2) its a non-genuine rear muffler that has a resonance at about 3500 that is a little harsh (Anybody have a spare OEM rear gti6 muffler I can buy??? or know if this is an easy fix), 3) the clutch cable seems a little sticky off the mark in first - and its a new cable so must investigate more, 4) I need to re-fit OEM head-unit (that I now have), and 5) I had to stop and come home. Yes I could have done another 800klms again !!!!

    Car is off to PQAM next week for a look-see and some new oil.

    I'm completely smiten with this car, and thank you to Andrew for your honesty, integrity and thorough decency throughout this whole transaction, its been fantastic. If you're ever in these parts and want to see her, lets go for a spin!


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