207 intermittent Cruise Control related to engine management issue
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Thread: 207 intermittent Cruise Control related to engine management issue

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    Default 207 intermittent Cruise Control related to engine management issue

    The cruise control on my 2010 1.6 Petrol auto 207 has had some intermittent failing where it can not be set. The horizontal bars where the speed digits appear flash when the cruise control is turned on and no speed can be set. The manual says "see your Peugeot dealer........" when this happens.

    I rang the dealership and eventually got an answer that is worth remembering -


    The cruise control and the engine management systems work together and if a concern is detected with the engine computer or sensors it cuts the cruise control as a safety measure, so the cruise control problem may be caused by an underlying issue being detected by the engine’s computer.

    The problem has not disappeared. Works sometimes, doesn't work other times. Can"t seem to determine a factor that makes it behave one way or the other. Car appears to go well otherwise. No other issues.

    I've decided to leave the issue until my next service. We shall see.

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    I've had the same issue with my 307. Narrowed it down to misbehaving sensors on the wheels, or a bad brake switch.

    Now I have another theory. On a recent rather long (3000k +) road trip, I went to a Peugeot dealer in Brisbane who sold me a new switch, (my idea to try to fix it) but the parts guy suggested also replacing the short wiring loom between the switch and the main car loom. He said that bad wiring had been done on some of these (they're only about 30cm long) and it was causing a bad connection to the brake switch, thereby causing the cruise control to fail.
    I didn't buy it at the time because they wanted a ridiculous $230+ dollars for the loom and switch.
    I only replaced the switch, which lasted about 500km before I lost cruise control again. Now I have to find a cheaper source for a known good wiring loom, or maybe I'll try fixing it myself.

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    Yeah the 307 problem was the dodgy loom. I paid the money and had mine replaced. No more problems.
    Don't know if it's a similar issue on the 207 but I doubt it. More than likely your brake light switch on your brake pedal has been kicked off or needs adjusting. Check to see if you brake lights are on all the time. This causes the problem.
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    Quote Morpheus: "More than likely your brake light switch on your brake pedal has been kicked off or needs adjusting."

    My 605 did this for while, the brake lights may not be on though I think the switch required a little clearance on the pedal.

    Good Luck.
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    My 207 gti had a similar issue. Cured it today by removing the brake switch and giving a clean with some brake cleaner. Also adjusted the little brown tip which adjusts in and out. Refitted it. All good

    Wasn't hard too do. Brake switch located on the passenger side behind glove box. Access from Under the footwell by removing small carpet trim. There are some YouTube clips showing how.

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