Engine light came on 3 weeks ago and Depollution fault came up.
Plugged in ELM-327-B bluetooth scan tool and downloaded EasyOBDII software and got the following codes
P0472 - Exhaust Pressure Sensor Low
P1457 - (Found on google its 'unable to pull Vacuum from Tank' which is the depollution eolys tank i think
C1700 (not sure on this, only found one page talking about left rear circuit)

other forums mentioned the P0472 sensor claps out often and the mechanic at the local Peugeot dealer backed this up. He is away this week but drew me a diagram on paper to install the new sensor correctly and i have installed and double checked

Issue is that im still getting the "Depollution fault in the car and the software wont let me reset the codes even though the software says it can

Car has 93000k,s I got it at 32000 when it was 5yo so i imaging short trips but since I have owned it I was averaging 30000k a year doing mostly over 80km\h and filling tank full to empty each time.


Thanks in advance